New Daycare Breathe-Through Baby Bed to Prevent Infant Deaths

Did you know babies are at risk of sleep related
deaths if they roll over and breathe face down on a standard fiberfill crib mattress? It’s the reason Secure Beginnings created their SafeSleep Breathe-Through Crib Mattress! Baby can breathe normally through the mattress even when lying face down. Plus, it keeps baby’s core temperature just right (overheating has
been linked to SIDS deaths.)

A recent news article about a daycare owner pleading guilty to reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child shows us how important it is for our babies to sleep on breathe-through mattresses. The investigation found that the baby was placed on her stomach in an unsupervised crib located in the back room of the daycare and died of SIDS. Many families have experienced the same tragedy and it will continue to happen until we make it mandatory for all parents to use breathe-through crib mattresses for their babies.

With so much at stake, Secure Beginnings wanted parents to be able to bring their SafeSleep Breathe-Through mattress wherever they go, as well as one to keep at places that your baby frequently visits (i.e. daycares) and in small-space nurseries. This is where the “Mini” comes in!

Here are SEVEN REASONS why every parent should invest in an additional Mini SafeSleep Breathe-Through Mattress:

REASON #1 — Turn Pack n’ Plays and Play Yards into a safe sleep space.

REASON #2 — The Mini is great for camping – our mattress base creates a slightly elevated and safe sleep space for baby in the tent or camper.

REASON #3 — Want to bring baby tailgating? Our mini crib mattress and base create the perfect back seat safe sleep space in a hatchback!

REASON #4 — Having twins or is your nursery a small space? Pair a mini crib (or cribs) and our mini mattress(es) to save space and money while keeping baby safe while sleeping.

REASON #5 — Have you set up a safe sleep space at Grandma and Grandpa’s yet? A mini crib or Play Yard with our mini Breathe-Through mattress is the perfect solution to save money and space.

REASON #6 — Day care is, unfortunately, a place where tragedy during sleep strikes all to often. Leave a mini at daycare and insist that your baby only sleep on the SafeSleep Breathe-Through sleep surface while napping.

REASON #7 — Traveling this summer? Never be caught in a situation where you are forced to put your baby down for a nap in unsafe conditions. Just pack the mini and you’re good to go!



Reg Price: $349
Sale Price: $199

PLUS use code NATURE10 for an EXTRA 10% OFF!



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Written by Julie Andreae, Co-Founder of Secure Beginnings and Safe Sleep Expert

Our  Breathe-Through Crib Mattresses are so safe, physicians write prescriptions for infants who must tummy sleep for health reasons.

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