From Medical, Product Safety, and Infant Sleep Specialists

Dr. Ron Somers

Author of the Australian/New Zealand standard for crib mattress firmness (AS/NZ 8811.1:2013), and long-time child safety injury prevention specialist.

"The Australia and New Zealand safety standard for infant mattresses, published in 2013, represented a significant step forward in ensuring safer sleep for babies.  This was acknowledged with a significant prize awarded by the US Government.

As the principal author of this standard, and a long-term expert in child safety, I have come to appreciate the extra advantages of a truly breathe-through mattress, of the innovative type developed by Secure Beginnings.

Babies can flip themselves face down, even if they were first positioned face up, as they should always be.  The face-down position is obviously hazardous, and it has contributed to many sad cases of suffocation.

The whole purpose of the breathe-through mattress is to ensure that baby can still get fresh air even when its nose rests directly on the sleep surface.  The Secure Beginnings design eliminates an important risk factor, and the developers are to be congratulated on their excellent work."

Dr. Gil Martin

Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Director Emeritus of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Family Birth & Newborn Center at Queen of the Valley Hospital, California. He is a former member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Committee on Fetus and Newborn, and past Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Perinatology.
 He is the author of the book A Timely Scenario.

"The American Academy of Pediatrics October 2016 technical report entitled, “SIDS and other Sleep Related Infant Deaths: Evidence-Base for 2016 Recommendations for a Safe Infant Sleeping Environment,” states that an air-permeable crib mattress is preferable to one with air-impermeable materials in the event that an infant ends up in the prone position during sleep.” I agree with these recommendations.  It is important for parents to follow safe sleep recommendations including placing an infant on their back on a firm sleep surface in a bare crib that meets all CPSC regulations.

The objective data from the Secure Beginnings breathe-through mattress is impressive for a solution to the problem of the infant who rolls during sleep.

The Back-to-Sleep Campaign has saved thousands of infants from sudden death.  The use of a firm, air-permeable crib mattress that allows oxygen to circulate is part of the safe infant sleeping environment."

Dr. Margie Andreae

Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and author of AAP policy statements.  She is a practicing general pediatrician and mother of four.

"Babies are safest when placed to sleep on their back, but infants begin to roll as early as two-months.  Cushions, quilts, firm fiberfill, and even crib mattresses with breathable cores pose an increased risk of rebreathing of carbon dioxide which leads to hypoxia, a condition associated with SIDS.

Scientific evidence shows air permeable mattresses that are completely breathe-through provide a significantly decreased risk of rebreathing of carbon dioxide and are preferred."

Joe W. Carcione, Jr.

Consumer protection, Defective and dangerous products, Personal injury, and Wrongful death, Lawyer.   Long-time consumer protection advocate who has influenced policy changes in product design and manufacturing.

"As a high-profile litigation attorney who represents consumers in cases involving dangerous and defective products, I applaud the creators of this completely breathe-through crib mattress.

Our most recent verdict, $8 million against a baby product manufacturer, found the mattress the baby was sleeping on caused the baby’s suffocation death.

After seeing and then submitting the Secure Beginnings Breathe-Through Crib Mattress for ASTM testing, we are working with the family of the deceased child in promoting legislation that will require all mattresses of baby products be made with the same breathe-through technology used by the Secure Beginnings products."

Kelsey Husak

Certified Sleep Consultant, SleepWell Baby, and mother.

"As a certified infant and child sleep consultant, I pride myself on safe sleep, and I believe the Breathe-Through Crib Mattress by Secure Beginnings is truly an amazing product.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, so I appreciate the revolutionary design of this mattress which allows infants to move freely without parents having to worry.

I love the soft feel of the sleep surface and the solid construction. 

SleepWell Baby only features products that we believe in. We talk about these products with the families we work with.  We are thrilled to be teaming up with Secure Beginnings.  We have never seen a safer or better designed crib mattress. It truly is revolutionary."

David Karow

Author of Abby’s law.  Surviving father of seven-month-old Abigail Karow.

"I know first hand the devastations of losing a child who was simply put down for a nap.  I wish I had known that crib mattresses existed that allow an infant who ends up in the face down position to breathe normally.  I believe Abby would still be alive had she been on the Secure Beginnings Breathe-Through Crib Mattress.

I am so impressed with the unique design, the incredibly high air-permeability rate, and the scientific testing, that I have joined forces with a team of wrongful-death attorneys to bring about legislative change that will mandate all infant mattresses be made with the same high air-permeability rates as the Secure Beginnings Breathe-Through Crib Mattress."