We have teamed up with some awesome companies, individuals, and foundations, who all share our same mission.

Meet Woombie.
Why Woombie?

We chose to partner with Woombie because of their commitment to stringent safety testing and eco-friendly and environmentally conscious manufacturing.  We also like the fact it was created by a mom who was a medical professional who saw a “safer” way to swaddle babies.  And we agree!  And did we mention, we love the large selection of adorable products?

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Meet HandSocks.
Why HandSocks?

We chose to partner with Handsocks because we have medical backgrounds’ and we know hand coverage is crucial to preventing infection and limiting skin irritation for children.  We believe Handsocks offer the perfect solution!  We also have personal experience with infants and feeding tubes.  We put the Handsocks to the test, and they exceeded our expectations.  They are not only an effective solution, they are a super cute solution!

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Meet SleepWell Baby.
Why SleepWell Baby?

Because SleepWell Baby consultants have extensive training in biological sleep milestones, safe sleep environments, parenting styles, coaching, child development and solutions to sleeping challenges.

SleepWell Baby is focused on establishing healthy and safe sleep habits from birth through childhood. Each consultant is a member of the International Association of Childhood Sleep Consultants and each consultant is certified for behavioural sleep interventions with twins, children with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

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Meet Laura Sateriale Author of, “Goodnight, Not Goodbye”

When Laura Sateriale discovered that her thriving, healthy daughter had passed away in her sleep, her worst nightmare became a painful reality. In the dark hours and days ahead, survival seemed impossible. Goodnight, Not Goodbye is a raw, emotional testament to a mother's love, and an honest account of SIDS / SUDC loss. Over the course of five years, Laura shares how she learned to cope with grief and the new normal she faced with her family.

Laura introduced herself to us by leaving a glowing testimonial about our products.  Laura used two of our mattresses for her two children born after Lilly’s passing.  We are honored to know her, and love her spirit and commitment to raising awareness.

You can purchase Laura’s book in print form from our store or through Amazon in both print and Kindle version.

Meet Megean and Jeff Griess, Founders of The Molly Ann Gries Foundation

The Molly Ann Gries Foundation was born out of a feeling of necessity to share our story and truths about safe sleep practices to help other families avoid the same nightmare we have been living.

Our mission is to spread awareness about safe sleep practices through education and resource distribution.

Not only will we be working to inform the public about ways to reduce risks of SIDS, we will also be supplying Snuza movement monitors and Secure Beginnings Breathe-Through Crib Mattresses to families with at risk infants. We can't help but wonder if our life would be different today, if Molly had been using these valuable tools.

Visit The Molly Ann Gries Foundation Website

Meet Greyson, the inspiration behind “The Grey Effect” Foundation

According to Greyson’s mother, Katie, “I knew I wanted to do something, something to keep my sweet boy's memory alive and help other families from possibly enduring the pain we were going through.

I decided I would not let Greyson's precious life be for nothing. Losing Greyson would not be our reason to give up, but instead our reason to strive for greatness in his name. The effect that Grey had on everyone that knew him and our family was tremendous. That's how The Grey Effect Foundation began.”

The Grey Effect Foundation hopes to help many families for years to come.  The foundation currently distributes Secure Beginnings Breathe-Through Crib Mattresses and other safe sleep products to families in need.

Visit The Grey Effect Foundation Website

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