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Secure Beginnings' Breathable Crib Mattresses are not only the safest crib mattresses on the market today, they are easy to install and use. This is where we show you how.

These Breathable Crib Mattresses drop into any standard size crib and eliminate the use of unsafe bumper pads, and hard-to-change crib sheets, and mattress protectors.

Steps to putting on the breathable sleep surface:

• The Breathable Crib Mattress loads into a standard size crib the same way you load a conventional mattress; it drops in.
• Once the Breathable Crib Mattress is placed in your crib, there is NO reason to remove it.
• Instead of placing a sheet or mattress protector around a cumbersome traditional mattress, the breathable sleep surface is easily placed onto the spring-loaded "U" shaped bars.
• With the breathable sleep surface folded in half, you want to press the 2 white center tabs together so the hook and loop on the tabs are "locked" together.
• Make sure the sleep surface is un-zipped prior to loading over the U-shaped bars.
• Make sure the tab with the Secure Beginnings' Logo is nearest to you.
• Place the 4 corners of the breathable sleep surface over the rounded ends of the metal tubes.
• Zip the underside mesh pieces together; zipping from the right side of the mattress to the left.
• Press the bars down one at a time, starting with the back bar, to lock in place.

Steps to removing and cleaning the breathable sleep surface:

• Pull up on the center section of the "U" shaped bars using the white pull-tabs or firmly gripping the safety welting to disengage the locking mechanism.
• Attach white pull-tabs with hook and loop together to lock in place.
• If any liquids are dispelled on the breathable sleep surface, they will quickly pass through to the unit’s bottom surface away from your baby. The bottom surface can be disinfected using a damp cloth with a mild soap.
• Pull the mesh underside away from the 2 locking mechanisms on both "U" shaped bars.
• Grab both sides of the safety welting and pull upwards to remove the breathable sleep surface.
• Place breathable sleep surface in wash machine. Wash using a mild detergent.
•The breathable sleep surface can be dried on a low to medium heat setting.

Easy to install and safe for your baby…

Now that’s Heaven Sent...

The Breathable sleep surface is easy to remove and replace on its spring loaded "U" shaped bars.

While the Heaven Sent Crib Mattress is designed to provide certain features not found in traditional crib mattresses, this product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease, or health condition, including but not limited to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Parents should consult with their pediatrician for information regarding SIDS and other health conditions and diseases in infants, and associated risk factors.