We passionately created our products because we found out the hard way what can happen when an infant rolls over in the middle of the night....every family deserves a happy ending!

A pediatrician, an automotive product safety designer, and an interior designer created the Secure Beginnings’ Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress to address the risk infants face when they roll to their tummy.

Back sleeping is best, but all infants begin to roll, some as early as two-months-old.  The death of infants found on their tummy on fiberfill crib mattresses, soft, quilted, and even mattresses with natural and artificial cores designed to be breathable, continues to occur...so we created the only Completely Breathe-Through Crib Mattress.  We wish all our parents and infants, sweet dreams, good nights, and happy mornings.

We are committed to...

Scientific Testing

Our mattress is the most scientifically tested crib mattress in the US.  Why? Because we want to ensure that our products provide the safest sleep for each and every infant.  This allows us to sleep at night.


We are elated that over 40,000 infants have slept safely on our products with no reported incidence or injury. 

Made in the USA

We are a US manufacturer, and we only use US manufacturing suppliers.  We are proud to be providing thousands of jobs to US workers, and we are part of the Detroit Come Back!!!

Awareness & Support

We have joined forces with medical professionals, SIDS foundations, infant sleep experts, safe sleep organizations and qualified safe-sleep product manufacturers to help ensure every infant has a safe night or nap sleep.  Kisses & hugs to all our sleeping babies.